Type “Residential facility”

Charm Higashifushimi

― Connecting with the city through landscapes ―

Charm Syakujiidai

– Creation of the ordinary scene in the housing for the elderly –

JST Company housing in Yokohama

– Housing that feels nature –


– Field for creativity –

Hakone Highland Hotel New Wing

– Residence in the forest –

Bangladesh Embassy Complex in Tokyo

– A fragment of the Bangladeshi earth in the heart of Tokyo –
(invited competition proposal)

Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo

– Creating a Belgian Quartier –

Villa W in Karuizawa

– Residential Space with Sunshine filtering trough foliage –

N – Villa & Guesthouse

– a Housing Space Integlated into a Tropical Landscape –

JST Company housing in Kurozasa

– a Housing with a Patio –

The Prototype house for Cross-Pin Joint System

– a House with a Floating Volume –

L – Clinic & Housing

– a trapezoidal-plan volume for a clinic and housing –

Villa M

– the House with Wings –

Housing in Sakurashinmachi

-a Urban Housing with Gardens –

SI-21: the Next Generation Urban Housing Concept

– Design Development of the Support/Infill System Housings –