Chronological “2010-”

Charm Higashifushimi

― Connecting with the city through landscapes ―

Charm Syakujiidai

– Creation of the ordinary scene in the housing for the elderly –

JST Company housing in Yokohama

– Housing that feels nature –

Odakyu Electric Railway Ltd. Express “Romancecar GSE”

– Traveling gracefully to HAKONE –

Task Light “Luce Lucciola”

– Firefly-like light –

JST Tokyo Engineering Center A + Kanto Office

– Reconstruction of Kanto region’s hub –


– Field for creativity –

Odakyu Electric Railway Ltd. Express “Romancecar EXEα”

– Redesigned Train as a ROMANCECAR Family –

Oyama Cable Car

– Shine in Oyama’s nature –

Hakone Tozan Train 3000 series

– inheritance of tradition and creation of landscape in Hakone –

Hakone Highland Hotel New Wing

– Residence in the forest –

“α One Point Five” Lighting

– Floor Lamp for Executive Salon –

New Branch of Odakyu Travel

– Space for invitation to traveling –

JRCS Tokai-Hokuriku Block Blood Center

Exhibition space design
– Visualization of Blood Processing –

“α One Point Five”

– Furniture for Executive Salon –

Sapporo City Tram Link Project

– Smart Green –
(open competition proposal)

M – Bridge

– Bridge as a Sensitive Objet of Lights –

Okinawa Nursing Learning Center

– Spiral Promenade –
(open competition proposal)

Maebashi City Museum of Art

– Creative Space for Art and Citizen –
(open competition proposal /
2nd Prize per 130submissions)

Syunan City Western Roadside Station

– Parasol –
(competition proposal)

Bangladesh Embassy Complex in Tokyo

– A fragment of the Bangladeshi earth in the heart of Tokyo –
(invited competition proposal)

Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities

– a Threshold Gate –
(international open competition proposal
final 22 per 92 submissions)

Ichihara Hill of Water and Sculpture

– Leaf Roof Shelter –
(open competition proposal)

General Education Wing, Kogakuin University

– Volumes for a Supplement of the Campus Planning –
(invited competition proposal /
final 7 per 52 submissions)

Taipei Pop Music Center

Taipei Pop Music Center

– Cube Cloud –
(international open competition proposal)

Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo

– Creating a Belgian Quartier –

Belgium Square [Nibancho Center Building + Nibancho Terrace]

– Creating a Belgian Quartier –

Disk-shaped LED Lighting

– Lighting for JST Tokyo Engineering Center B –

JST Tokyo Engineering Center B

– a Volume Composition for R&D Spaces –

Osaki Electric Co.,Ltd Head Office

– Office Spaces as Soft Environment –

Kashiwazaki Civic Hall

– a Citizens’ Ring in a Forest –
(open competition proposal)